Lace wedding shoes mistakes you must avoid

Different people may have different reasons to mark a day as the best day of their life but when the same is discussed about women then for most of them their wedding day is the best day of their life. Well, they wait for the day with anticipation as well. It is the day when she wants to fulfil all her dreams, she wants to look the prettiest woman on the earth, and for this she loves to do anything she is able do. When there is so much to do from makeup to dress to shoes, she needs to take care of everything very closely to avoid last time embarrassment. Here we have listed some of the mistakes about Lace Wedding Shoes that you must avoid.

Bridal Shoes UK Mistakes to avoid

  1. Do not keep them new after purchase: New shoes are always tight and demand tight to make you feel comfortable when wearing them. So, purchase shoes at least 2 weeks earlier and then wear them within your own room for about half an hour a day while ensuring they do not get dirty.
  1. Pick the best shoes: Choosing the best shoes is must, and it depends upon you only. Do not let others decide on what you should wear. If you love to wear heels then go ahead with them else not. You may want to have a look at Freya Rose Shoe Clip for the best selection of Lace wedding shoes or Swarovski shoes.
  1. Do not spend much if: Bridal dresses are often long that hide the feet as well, and if your dress is like that too then you should not spend a big amount buying shoes. However, if you can easily afford costly shoes then do this mistake but consider the step 4.
  1. Match with your dress: As there is a lot to take care, she often asks a close friend or a relative to buy bridal shoes for her. This is where she does a mistake. Another mistake happens when the color and contrast of shoes is not matched with the dress or the wedding theme. To avoid this mistake, always carry the dress with you when buying wedding shoes.
  1. Not buying a spare pair: Heels may break down leaving you in a situation ‘what to wear now’. Also, with heels you may not feel comfortable to dance. For such moments, you should buy a spare pair.

Avoid these mistakes and enjoy your wedding to the fullest with our good luck.


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