Design Your Own Wedding Shoes with Freya Rose

Weddings are expensive & if there’re options to cut the costs, most of the people will do it definitely. One of the helpful ways to save some cash on your wedding day is to design your own wedding shoes, which is a good way to use your imagination for making them look precisely the way yKristina Back L-R-250x250ou wish. If you put on size 8 ladies shoes for example, it can be pretty difficult to locate the wedding designer shoes you really wish for your day that is why it can be highly beneficial using your creative side to design your own wedding shoes. There’re simple but efficient steps you can take to encourage you in creating wedding shoes you love.

The plainest of footwear can easily be improved with the few additions of diamantes, particularly if they’re Swarovski. It is said that the diamonds are the best friend of a girl & when it comes to your nuptials, you can really sparkle by adding up some of the diamantes to your wedding shoes. It is quite simple to add them as a beauty enhancer to your footwear & you’ll instantly look & feel as stunning as you’d like. The quantity of diamantes you’ll require depends on your wedding shoes’ size, so if you’re wearing shoes having large size, you’ll have to buy little extra. You can buy such custom made shoes London from many online shops available.

Glitter is actually simple to add to your shoes, whether they’re size 8 or 9 ladies shoes. The effect of the glitters can be quite dramatic & can turn your wedding shoes from the plain Jane to talk of the town. Another add up that you can be use is to put straps on your shoes. It will definitely make your shoes look more gorgeous and stunning.


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