The Beauty of Bridal Shoes

Preparing for a wedding is a daunting task for every woman. Several brides wanted to look perfect on their wedding day. The bride-to-be is busy looking for wedding planners, the right color theme, the wedding dress, souvenirs, the guests, flowers, bridal shoes & many other details during the wedding preparations. Aside from the wedding dress, the woman also finds the perfect shoes for her feet. Just like picking the dress, choosing the bridal shoes for a wedding is also a decision which a bride has to do.

Choosing bridal wedges for the wedding also needs proper guidelines. Here are some points to remember while choosing your wedding shoes.

  • Choose the wedding shoes which fit the feet quite well. Do not buy the footwear that makes your feet dance or that make your feet squeeze. Pick the exact size prudently for you to walk down the aisle comfortably.
  • Choose the style of the shoes that compliment your bridal gown. Avoid those footwear shoes which is perfectly unrivaled the design of your gown. Do not just buy as it is expensive & style looks good.
  • Choose the perfect heel’s height. Choosing the proper heels is a huge factor for being considered.

Nowadays, bridal shoes and evening bags can be found not just in the stores but also on online stores. Also, there isn’t just one brand of wedding shoes to choose from but thousands of those. One of the most popular bridal shoes that women are craving to have is the Freya Rose wedding shoes. Just like other notable brands, Freya Rose has also been fascinating the heart of brides through his wedding shoes.

If you have the budget, then why not go for the shoes and evening bags that you can wear for several years? Marriage is definitely one of the most significant days of a girl’s life. And on this day, it is the time for a bride to feel beautiful not just because of her dress, but also due to her shoes.


Why & How to Choose your Bridal Shoes

Every part of the wedding occasion is planned with an almost military precision. A lot of thought is put into the bridal gown, but what about the bridal shoes. Most are unaware of just how important it is to find the perfect pair of wedding shoes. Bridal shoes are something a bride wears all day. If she opts for the classy killer heels with unfortunate pinchy toes, she is in for a pain-filled night. Be it sky high stilettos or bridal wedges, a bride’s shoes should always compliment her bridal gown. Wedges are usually the recommended, safe way to go for any bride. They are sensible for any grounds and comfortable enough to be worn all day and night without a painful morning after. Wedges are structured so there is even weight distribution from the balls of the feet to the toes.


  1. Find the perfect pair: – To ensure comfort on your big day, be sure to consider all factors including what kind of grounds you will be on. Try on multiple choices and styles of bridal shoes before making the ultimate decision.
  2. Break them in: Everybody knows that the most comfortable pair of shoes is the oldest ones. No one, however, wants to wear their ratty old shoes to their wedding. A good way to replicate the feeling of well broken in shoes is by wearing them around the house for some time before the marriage date. Do be careful to retain their brand new look and avoid any disastrous stains.
  3. Have a backup: The last thing a bride wants on her big day is swollen, blistered feet or a broken heel. Try to have at least a spare pair of shoes on hand in the event of any unfortunate mishaps. A good wedding planner will cover all bases and ensure there are no such surprises by advising to take this precaution.
  4. Try to book a pedicure: A great relaxation and stress relief therapy, but also a necessity to avoid flashing chipped, callused toes at your guests when your new groom takes off your shoes for the garter toss. Polished, buffed and attractive toes are what your guests and groom should get a load of.

Choosing the perfect bridal shoes requires a lot of thought and here are some traditional choices to help with deciding.

  • Silver and grey bridal wedges: A very sophisticated option. This attractive colour will ensure undivided attention from your guests. It is all about glitter and fairy tale glamour with this Cinderella style option.
  • Ivory bridal wedges: Everybody loves graceful ivory bridal shoes. The colour is best suited for spring and fall weddings and the neutral tone lends an earthy touch.
  • White bridal wedges: The typical choice for a conventional bride. Matching bridal shoes with your bridal dress is the traditional way to reflect personality and style.
  • Gold bridal wedges: The rich tone of gold adds an extra something to any wedding outfit. Gold is an ideal colour for autumn weddings.

Almost every female’s dream is to have the perfect bridal outfit and when shopping for non-bridal things like evening bags or simple dresses, bridal attires and bridal shoes constantly catch the eye. It is almost impossible to not notice them. They are white and attractive and demand attention. With these tips, hopefully, shopping for wedding attire will not be as panic inducing as everyone swears it is.



Online Wedding Shoes Shopping

Do you have a need for shoes? Try buying them in online stores. The range of wedding shoes to choose from online is much more enormous than any store and the chance of getting discounts is also much bigger. Plus, it is all in the comfort of your own home.

Not only is buying shoes online is so much more fun and easier, it is also a time saver. You will not have to drive by the store and browse by walking down mall lanes. And if you already know the shoes you want to but? Then this is the perfect way for you to buy them because you will just have to search then place an order. You might even find great discounts along the way.

Another thing that makes online shoe hunting beneficial is that you don’t really have to fit a shoe to know that it fits. This is because you will know just by knowing your shoe size. If you know that, then why go to the store at all when you don’t have to fit them anyway? That is the biggest fear and reason why some people prefer going to the mall anyway. They feel like they have to touch the item before deciding on anything. But with shoes, again, why bother?

Unlike clothes, designer wedding heels don’t change shape. You will most likely have to wear clothes before you can tell just how that article of clothing fits your body. If it is not form fitting or if it not cut the way you want it cut, it will mostly just show after you have already worn it. After all, those models that are wearing them have a different, albeit perfect body shape so you can never really tell for sure.

Shoe lovers will never get enough pairs of shoes. It is just like eating potato chips, you can’t get just one. You will want more. So what you need is to have access to a greater variety. But if you go to malls, you will have to look at them by walking or even driving from store to store. With the internet, all you need is mouse and you can navigate your way browsing through so many designer wedding heels.

Buy Low Wedding Shoes Online

One perfect and the required accessory for the ceremony is the wedding shoes made out of different material as her dress to match the gown. It is pretty important to choose your shoes carefully for this particular occasion. Your low wedding shoes must be comfortable enough for the celebration. You can choose high heels, low wedding shoes or flats depending on the wedding venue.

Among different styles of wedding shoes, a wedge heel has its own panache. Wedge heel shoes are very cool and stable. You can even run with them. If the wedding is going to be on the beach, you can wear these shoes and they’ll prove comfortable and appropriate. It’s a pair of sporty bridesmaid footwear with wedge heel & an upper covered with the satin that matches with your dress. You need to add a bit height so you don’t get your dress, Sandy. If possible, do wear wedge heel of at least 3 inches.

The lace wedding shoes are perfect for those beautifully designed wedding outfit. You can flaunt them off with your gorgeous lace wedding shoes to complement them. If the wedding takes is in an outdoor setting with the polished floor tiles, you can wear this elegant pair of bridal shoes with a lace tapered heel and a sling for a better fit.

It is indeed a decency to put your best foot forward having a pair of sophisticated ivory lace wedding shoes. The choice of wedding shoes is all yours according to your style and comfort. Just ensure they coordinate with the wedding colors & your own dress. Bear in mind that you’re the most important personality of the wedding entourage and all the eyes will be on you. Buy these shoes online and get huge wedding discounts.

Wedding Shoes Designer at Your Service

When it comes to the wedding we really want to dress up in our best attire in order to feel special. Apart from our outfit shoes also play a special role in enhancing our personality and hence designer wedding shoes UK are high in demand nowadays. These shoes not only look trendy but are also comfortable and easily affordable.

You would not experience any discomfort after wearing these shoes as they have been designed keeping in mind the foot care factor. These shoes are available in various sizes, patterns, and colors to match well with your wedding attire. These shoes would really make you look complete and are easily available in the stores.

If you cannot find time to shop for your preferred wedding shoes designer, then you can try searching for the same online. Online buying is absolutely easy and offers you with a wider choice to make. Moreover, you can easily shop from the comfort of your home or office at any point of time without thinking about the shop closing hours.

It would really be hard for you to choose one as all the footwear is absolutely different in design. Made using premium quality raw materials this footwear proves to be ideal for even parties and get together. Both men and women need the wedding footwear in order to go well with their dress.

It is, however, advisable to buy your footwear in advance so that you can easily practice walking in them and are absolutely comfortable on your D-day. As new shoes tend to have shiny and slippery soles that can cause you to stumble or slip therefore if you purchase them early then you can wear them outside, walking on the pavement to scuff up the soles and provide them the necessary traction. You can also opt for the option to design your own wedding shoes.

Buy Wedding Shoes from Shoe Shop Gunwharf

Your wedding day, being the most auspicious day of your life, will remain entrenched in your heart forever. That is why, you shouldn’t lose yourself in the entire planning & organizing. Pamper yourself & ensure you do everything you can to look your best on your wedding. So, even though the bridal dress is given the prime focus, it is significant to look into issues such as the choice of makeup and hair, shoes that compliments the dress and other such apparently trivial yet very essential details. And if you want to buy a beautiful pair of bridal shoes, you can visit shoe shop Gunwharf.

Perfecting a look includes paying attention to details. Glam up, on your wedding day, by choosing, the wedding shoes that compliment your dress perfectly. Make sure to not just focus on the appearance of the shoes but to also pay attention to its material, the size of heels and yes, also the ease and comfort factor. To buy elegant and comfortable shoes, you can go shoe shop Hampshire and shop there.

Shoes are made of diverse materials. Make sure that the footwear you choose for your wedding day, aren’t made of any material which you are allergic to. It will cause a big problem on your wedding. Embellishments like crystals and stones can get uncomfortable at times while it comes in contact to skin so check that they’re placed in such a way that it won’t bother you. You will get genuine and high quality material shoes on shoe shop Sussex.

An important factor that must be looked into, at the time of choosing your wedding footwear, is the size of heel. Remember your fiancé & you should complement each other so do not make a choice based on specific perspective, ignoring the bigger picture. Do not go purchasing the wedding shoes which would sky rocket you to being heads taller than your fiancé.

These are the factors that need to be taken care of while shopping for wedding shoes.

Embellished Shoes-Enhance Your Beauty in Style

If you’re preparing to get married, you’ll probably require a pair of embellished shoes but do not make the mistake of only picking a pair as they’re stylish & beautiful if they miffed your feet. You have to ensure they’re comfortable first & foremost. A beautiful pair of designer wedding shoes can be stylish and elegant & with the way they’re made, you can comfortably wear them for the whole day and still have the modish fashionable look.

If you’re looking for gold heels and silver shoes be prepared to dish-out some cash, they’re not inexpensive. You can expect of paying anywhere from 300 dollars to several thousand dollars that depend upon how elaborate you wish to go with them. For any modest designer champagne shoes, you’ll spend around 600 dollars or so.

One type of designer bridal shoes which has become quite popular of late is bespoke wedding shoes. It comes in convenient for matching to your wedding gown. You are advised to go with white always since they’ll give the realest color at the time they dyed, and you can re-dye those shoes later to match any party or a cocktail dress. It is being smart using your money by taking the advantage of bespoke wedding shoes which can be dyed and you can wear them over and over again.

Unless you’re very used to wear them, you have to probably stay-away from high heeled handmade wedding shoes. It’s far more significant to feel comfortable & sure-footed when you walk down the aisle. With most of the bridal outfits no one is going to see your legs anyway. Most of the designers test their embellished shoes so that they’re made to be cozy and comfortable for long hours. It just need to take some time to get a perfect pair of shoes. Buying some designer bridal accessories will better option as it will add stars to your bridal look.